"EASY and FUN" Korean classes are here in 'World in Seoul'!
Our Center is located in Gangnam - the hottest place in Korea. Feel the latest trend of Korea at Gangnam and study Korean language at the same time.

At 'World in Seoul', Meet highly-qualified teachers and well-organized programs, which will improve your Korean proficiency.
Futhermore, Mentors in our center will help not only your studying but also your living in Korea. Feel free to ask about any information you need.

We always welcome you!
Are you ready to enjoy ALL ABOUT KOREA with 'World in Seoul' ?!
Regular Class
In Regular class,
You can improve your Korean step by step from the beginning to advanced.
You can learn conversation, listening, reading, writing, vocabulary and grammar at a time.
  • Beginning Course Level 1, Level 2
  • Intermediate Course Level 3, Level 4
  • Advanced Course Level 5, Level 6
TOPIK is a Test Of Proficiency in Korean.
Usability of examination
  • Admission of foreign scholarship student invited by government, and academic management
  • Admission to domestic universities/graduate schools for foreigners or overseas Koreans who completed 12-year education courses abroad
  • Obtaining the working visa for those who want to be employed at Korean companies, and serving as a standard for selecting and managing the employees
  • Recognizing the domestic license for foreigners with doctor qualification
  • Application of foreigners for Korea Teachers’ Qualification Test(2nd to 3rd grade) and acquisition of certificates
  • Acquisition of permanent residency right
  • Application for the issuance of marriage-based immigrant visa
Special Class
In Special Class,
  • You can focus on your own interests. Business, living, study, culture, pronunciation, writing or grammar, ...
  • You can make your own schedule for class Class for Short-term plan, Intensive plan or Flexible plan, ...
  • You can study with your own group members who you want to study together. With your friends, family or co-workers, ...
  • You can set your own place for Korean class. [Visiting class] Who can not come, Who wants to have a class at a certain place, ...
IL-WOO Building 4F, 817-21, Yeoksam-dong, Seoul
  • 1. Please go out from the Exit 11 of Gangnam Station(Line2)
  • 2. Go straight about 50m, then you can see 'Paris Baguette' and 'Tous les Jour'
  • 3. Walk through the alley about 150m between 'Paris Baguette' and 'Tous les Jour'
  • 4. When you find 서래(Korean Barbeque restaurant) on your left side
  • 5. Come to the 4th floor of that building and then you can meet us